Living Nature by HRuiz-Velazquez

چقدر خوب با کارتن یه چنین فضایی ساخته!

Spanish architect HRuiz-Velazquez designed the Living Nature space for the 2010 Feria Habitat exhibition in Valencia, Spain.

Description from HRuiz-Velazquez:
The Fair hired me to build an ephemeral building in the entrance of the fair Sept-Oct 2010 . The structure has four shop windows (like a small shopping center representing the four types of living in the country). The project had to be build in only 10 days and it had to be reusable with a different shape at another fair.

The space Living Nature houses an exhibition about different ways of Spanish life style. It’s a new expositional concept inspired by innovation and sustainability. The space was build with almost 2.000 boxes of recycled carton that can be used afterwards for different purposes.

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Visit the HRuiz-Velazquez website – here.
Photography © Pedro Martinez
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