Urban Transport Motorcycle Makes Third Wheel Feel Useful

اگه واقعا چنین موتوری بیاد بازار خب چرا آدم نگیره!!!
امن و راحت و خوشگل 🙂
من از کوچیکی، یعنی از زمانی که دیگه تو سه‌چرخه‌ام جا نمی شدم، حسرت داشتن یه سه‌چرخه رو داشتم…..:)

Are you unimpressed with small-footprint electric cars, but too afraid to commit to a scooter or motorcycle? You can still cut down on your emissions with this odd electric motorcycle-type thing from Honda. The3R-C concept bike is a three-wheeled, zero-emission urban vehicle that gives you the enclosed comfort of a car but the (somewhat) smaller footprint of a (large) motorcycle.
Having a lower center of gravity and a stable three-wheel base make the 3R-C less prone to the tip-over accidents that keep mothers of motorcycle riders awake at night. The enclosed sides would presumably provide some protection if an accident were to occur. The front windscreen slides up when the vehicle is parked to protect the interior from the elements, then slides back down when the rider is on the go to put up a barrier between teeth and flying bugs.
Even in this teeny-tiny concept vehicle, there’s still room up front for a luggage compartment, so you needn’t leave your briefcase at home when you dash off to a business meeting. The 3R-C looks a little too big to fit into motorcycle parking spots, but perfect for a “compact vehicle” spot. Whether it will ever actually be produced remains to be seen, but Honda first showed it off at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show to mostly positive  reactions.
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