>marlies rohmer: smarties


از منظر رفتار، بنا یه ایده ی خوب در خودش داره! بنا با وجود سنگینی خودش بر فضای شهری، درزیر خودش یه میدون گاه شهری با کاربری های متنوع درست کرده!
چه در پرده ی اول با اون تاب جالب و شاد و شنگولش!!! 🙂
و چه در پرده ی بعد که یه میدون گاهی کامل رو شکل داده….
ما خیلی امروز در کشور میدون گاهی‌های انسانی رو نداریم!!! هر چی هم به اسم میدون داریم فلکه ست….

‘smarties’ by marlies rohmer in utrecht, the netherlands
all images courtesy marlies rohmer
photo by scagliola en brakkee

‘smarties’ by amsterdam-based architect marlies rohmer is a multi-storey student dorm building 
for the utrecht university campus in the netherlands. in part designed to alleviate the housing 
shortage among the young population in the city of utrecht, the building offers 380 single and multiple units. 

(left) street facade
photo by scagliola en brakkee
(right) facade detail

photo by akzo nobel

wrapped in a pixelated skin of multi-coloured aluminum panels, the building is a visual landmark
within the campus grounds. an open plaza under a 20 metre cantilever out front serves as an 
urban meeting spot, featuring a playful swing stage for seating. the covered plaza is visually 
extended beyond the entrance and lobby, creating another pocket of outdoor space in a carved out 
volume from the structure’s underbelly.

a number of communal spaces are provided within the complex, aiming to provide a living space
that facilitates encounters and communication among its residents. 

swing in front plaza
photo by scagliola en brakkee

(left) street view
photo by akzo nobel
(right) plaza view

detail of structural slab above the entrance
photo by akzo nobel

outdoor space
photo by scagliola en brakkee

rooftop terrace

(left) windows
photo by akzo nobel
(right) views of dorm rooms

photos by scagliola en brakkee

photo by scagliola en brakkee

rendered aerial 

pixelation treatment

typical floor plan

longitudinal section

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