>Hotel Q! by GRAFT


سطوح خمیده ی متصل کننده ی در و دیوار، یکی از گرایش های دوران معاصره که به امضای افراد خاصی هم تبدیل شده!

The international architectural firm GRAFT designed the Hotel Q! in Berlin, Germany.

hq_160211_01 hq_160211_02 hq_160211_03 hq_160211_04 hq_160211_05 hq_160211_06 hq_160211_07 hq_160211_08 hq_160211_09 hq_160211_10 hq_160211_11
Project description from GRAFT:
Hotels become home through time spent within. For a short while they provide visitors a world where new identities can be inhabited; they permit a new telling of each individual story and enable a taste of the future. Hotels have the ability to seduce, to experiment with old habits and inspire new rituals.

Around the corner from the buzzing Kurfürstendamm strip, GRAFT designed a hotel landscape that challenges the classical spatial canon through the folding of topographical structures. With a tectonic logic, a folded horizontal landscape distorts and creates hybrid zones with double functional occupancies. An oblique object is simultaneously a separating wall and usable furniture. The lifted floor is surface for circulation or the beginning of a space that has emerged from underneath the skin of the building.
The flow of this inside landscape creates generous spatial connections rather than a typical dissection into multiple singular spaces. The topographical treatment of the design problem maximizes versatility of program and creates a continuous flow of form and space. The visitor will discover a narrative that departs from conventional perceptual experience and allows for ambiguous readings of the space.
The inhabitant becomes a participant in this landscape, changing his interaction with architecture and furniture by ‘walking up the walls’ in order to take a seat and perch above the distinguished crowd. Beds seamlessly blend into bathtubs offering themselves like hot springs bubbling up from the ground, so that a visitor may slow down and dream with his eyes wide open.

For the motives on the ceiling within in rooms we collaborated with photographer Christian Thomas.
Visit the GRAFT website – here.
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