>art. lebedev: flashkus disposable paper thumb drive


یه زمانی فلش داشتن امر لوکسی بود اما الان که امر واجبیه و فلش شده مثل فلاپی های قدیم واقعا نیازه فلش هایی تولید بشه بدون هیچ حاشیه ای تا بشه بایگانی مطالب و اسناد رو به راحتی به جای سی دی و دی وی دی روی اون ها انجام داد!

‘flashkus’ by art. lebedev
all images courtesy of art. lebedev

products by russian-based design studio art. lebedev often play with digital icons such as a hand or mouse cursor, 
the computer desktop file symbol or pixelated imagery, translating them into real products. 
though taking a bit of a detour, their latest design still deals with the digital and comes in the form of a 
disposable thumb drive called ‘flashkus’. made from a cardboard stock material, the sticks come in sets of four, 
divided by perforations which make them easy to separate and use. the paper surface allows one to hand-write labels 
directly onto the drives, indicating what is stored on the key. they come in 4GB, 8GB or 16GB storage capacities.

the cardboard body makes it easy to label and personalize the drives

the thumb drives come in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB storage capacities

‘flashkus’ comes in sets of four, which are separated by perforations, making it easy to tear them apart 

a single ‘flashkus’ USB drive

‘flashkus’ in use

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