>zaha hadid: twirl for lea ceramiche


خیلی دوست داشتم در این رابطه حرف بزنم! اما بهم تذکر دادند -البته خیلی با ادب و آداب- که دست از موعظه بردارم …  🙂

‘twirl’ by zaha hadid for lea ceramiche in milan, italy 
all images courtesy zaha hadid architects and interni mutant architecture
pritzker prize-winning architect zaha hadid has designed ‘twirl’, an installation created for
interni magazine‘s mutant architecture & design event during this year’s milan design week
(11-17 april, 2011). a contemporary study on courtyard architecture, the design utilizes
a series of ultraslim slabs by italian ceramic manufacturer lea ceramiche to fabricate
a vortex-like three-dimensional structure in the 16th-century setting of milan’s state university.
rendering of courtyard
covering an area of 800 m2, the site is bound on all sides by two-storey columns and an elevated
exterior walkway. the varying planar ceramic sheets, a product called ‘slimtech’, are arranged to
transform the rigid geometries of the courtyard into a fluid and dynamic spatial construct.
drawing from the natural contours of the plot, the installation emphasizes its arches and curves
to distort its sense of space.
layout of panels
the system of panels fluctuate in height, reaching a verticality of up to 2 meters at its apex.
seven different shades of colour ranging from milky white to coffee black give the installation
a constantly-changing appearance, taking advantage of the transforming daylight and the curvature
of the design. ‘twirl’ encourages the viewer to engage the space by exploring and observing
the courtyard from multiple vantage points. at night, a series of fluorescent tubes produced by
artemide highlights the spiral movement, spreading from the centre to the edges of the site and
in turn lighting the existing architecture of the setting. 
pixelated tiles
rendered view of night
application of different shades
initial studies of vortex form
effects of flourescent light
plan view
floor plan / stage 1
floor plan / stage 2
floor plan / stage 3
floor plan / stage 4
colour study
sectional detail 

چقدر هم من گوش می کنم!!!
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