>Paper Wonderland: Installation Art Photography Shoot


یه کار جذاب و شبه تخیلی! 
کار خاصی نیست ها ولی ایده جدیده برا همین اولش یه مقدار جا می خوری! 🙂
We often see fascinating photo shoots and awesome art installations but fail to take into account just how much work something like this can take to set up. First, though, enjoy these amazing images and then keep scrolling to see behind the scenes during the building process.
The photographer, once set up, experimented with all kinds of shots. After all, wouldn’t you too after decorating a room for this long with this many things? Plus, of course, who would be in a hurry to clean up after themselves after creating a mess of this magnitude?
As well as experimenting with various general lighting schemes the artist also used some targeted light sources, shifting the mood from delightfully fantastic to eerie and mysterious. In short, the scene became a foil for all kinds of creative photographic experimentation.
And now, the promised behind-the-scenes look. What was just an ordinary living room was, piece by piece, transformed into the set of this artistic photo shoot.
After placing the critical pieces of furniture to be covered in place, the build out process was slow and used a combination of prefab panels and added detail pieces to give it a sense of chaos.
Once it was built out far enough and all possible angles were covered the lights were set up and the shoot commenced – after a good deal of hard hard work.
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