>Mantle / Daniel Andersson & Christiane Flügel


اعراب، یکی از وجه های اساسی شون در دنیای امروز که به نوعی از اون منظر به دنبال هویت سازی برا خودشون هستن، همین معماری [اسلامی] ه!
از این منظر تعجب نکنین اگه می بینین در بلاد اسلامی گرفته تا دل آمریکا، مدام می گیرن و مسجد می سازن! یعضی از این مساجد مساجد اسس علی التقوی نیست و بهره برداری‌های غیرالاهی از همین جنس که گفتم، بیشتر اعراب رو (مخصوصا اعراب حاشیه خلیج فارس رو)  متقاعد به این طور خرج ها می کنه!
طرح زیر نسبت به بقیه ی طرح های عربی که این روزها به اسم مسجد ده می شه ، خیلی خیلی قابل تحمل تره! گرچه چیز مناسبی هم نیست. بعضی نکات خوب نظیر سادگی  و فضای نیمه باز داره و بعضی  نکات منفی نظیر ارتفاع!
از سویی دیگه تحلیل دل‌خوشانه‌ی جناب طراح از تقارن میان این طرح و اسلوب معماری سنتی مساجد، قابل توجه و دیدنه! ببینین چه طور خودشون رو به هر ترتیبی سعی دارن به  گذشته وصل کنن حتی با طرحی که ذاتا متفاوته!!!


A few days ago we featured the finalist project designed by Brusselssprout for the Mosque Category for Design as Reform Competition in Dubai. Now we present you a shortlisted project designed by Daniel Andersson (FIN) & Christiane Flügel (GER).

You can see more images, drawings and description after the break.

shape diagram

Fundamental need to worship Islam is a mosque and a minaret. The simplest form of a mosque and a minaret shapes a compact volume. With distinct proportions of 26 x 26 x 52 meters (equivalent to 1n x 1n x 2n) we create a typical mosque layout in a vertical direction. Starting at entry level with lively public spaces and elevating up through a spiritual garden to the top where a quiet prayer room is located. The minaret is located on the roof with visual and verbal access to all directions. Vertical lines in the facade emits an expression of self confidence. Inside the building, the lines create a playful and harmonic rhythm between light and shadow.

A space for meditation and guidance.


The golden facade material emphasizes quality and authority. Like a textile in wind the facade makes a gentle bow facing Mecca. The curve in the facade flows through the building and forms a natural entrance in ground floor.

At ground level you meet a lively market in an open spacious entry hall. Information center and back office are located on balcony level above. An open planned library / auditorium hall with 2 study rooms are located on the levels above. An interior garden level is located in the middle of the building. Here is a coffee place and wild vegetation combined with small water pond. A silent waterfall is forming a translucent surface outside of the balconies above. A stair along the facade connects garden level with the main ablution facilities.

movement section

A spiritual stair.
On this level at the balcony, the waterfall drops from a water pond integrated in balcony railing. This water pond is also possible to use for ablution. The levels in between holds apartments with private balconies for visiting prayers. The prayer room is located high up in the building and has 3 balconies. The prayer room can hold up to 800 prayers at the same time. Above the prayer room, at roof level is a open outdoor space where minaret ceremony can be hold.


Exterior walls create a tube-frame structural system made of reinforced concrete. The floors are supported by structural steel beams connected to the exterior walls to give stability. A vertical shaft containing elevators and technical installations absorbs the shear forces of the building. The facade finish is made in glossy golden sheets with joint-less seams connected to vertical glass elements between. Interior finish is made with solid white sheet materials creating a monolithic and impress-less space open for the observers own impressions and interpretations.


model detail


floor plans

mental diagram

space diagram

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