>An Amazing Interior Installation


رنگین کمانی از نخ باران تنیده ام
تا تاب هفت رنگ ببندم برای تو
چیزی عزیزتر ز تمام دلم نبود
از پاره دلم که بریزم به پای تو
در خاک هم دلم به هوای تو می تپد
چیزی کم از بهشت ندارد هوای تو
خیلی خوبه ، همین….


Where is the last place you expect to find rain? Indoors, of course, which makes this massive, intricate and well-executed rain art installation by Stacee Kalmanovsky not only technically impressive but a shock to the senses when you first see it.
As impressive as the hand-crafted drops strung together by hundreds of strings is the inherent interactivity of such an isolation – it invites people to move through it, brushing the motionless rain into new and unplanned directions and engendering conversations.
Despite the complexity of experience the materials are simple: fishing lines, plastic beads and a good deal of time were the core elements it took to create this. In her words: “Stacee Kalmanovsky’s work is rooted in the uncanny, suggestive, and picturesque. Her urge to invent and exaggerate is tempered by a deep dedication to the medium at hand. She believes in the conceptual process itself, from gathering information and sorting through, manipulating, and qualifying the image, to the indisposable skill to achieve the end result. Like in the alchemic process, the raw matter (sulfur = visual information) is transformed, refined, and persuaded into its purest form (gold = art).”
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