>personal semi-submarine: ego by raonhaje


زیردریایی جالبیه!
آدم بدش نمیاد یکی ش رو برداره بره خلیج فارس یه دوری بزنه!!! 🙂

‘ego’, a compact semi-submarine designed by raonhaje

billing itself as the world’s ‘first compact semi submarine’, the ‘ego’ craft by korean company raonhaje 
is built around a submergeable core, permitting the private enclosed underwater excursions 
of individuals, couples, and families.

with a maximum speed of five knots, the boat is motored through podded propulsion, 
powered by 12 8-volt marine batteries. in addition to being more ecologically sustainable, 
the electric design also permits the craft to bypass restrictions on entry into protected marine environments. 

a single full battery charge is obtained in six to ten hours and provides a run time 
varying from about four hours at top speed to eight hours at consistent cruising speed.

because ‘ego’ is designed for personal use, its steering system is modeled after a car’s to increase the ease of operation, 
and is composed of an accelerator pedal instead of a throttle lever and an intuitive direction switch. 
no special license is required for the craft’s operation.

left: full view of the surface section of the craft
right: detail on deck platform

prototypes of the model have already been produced and are available for test driving. 
the two-seat ‘ego’ is expected to be commerecially available in october 2011, with a 4-seat model still in development.

design diagrams for ‘ego’

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