>vanessa hordies: night night


🙂 ایده جالب! اجرای نه چندان مناسب 

‘night night’ by vanessa hordies
image © designboom

‘night night’ is a lamp that is meant to accompany people to sleep. designed by belgian-based vanessa hordies  
it takes the form of an hourglass in which the sand within covers the actual light, drowning out the 
luminosity of the bedroom. when you turn the hourglass over, a timer switches on for 15 minutes, 
approximately the amount of time needed for someone to fall asleep. 

all electronic components are built into the lamp’s wooden base
image courtesy of ECAL

research has shown that it usually takes people between ten to twenty minutes to fall asleep. 
the objective of ‘night night’ is simple. following the sleeper during his or her nightly ritual, 
the lamp’s function is to switch off so that it does not remain on for the entire duration of the night.

all of the electronics are built into the light’s wooden base. when a button is pushed the lamp 
switches on for 15 minutes. it is essential for the lamp turn off on its own, enabling the sleeper to 
get his visa for dreamland.

view of the sand cover the light
image courtesy of ECAL

‘night night’ was presented as part of ‘101% designed in brussels‘ during the 2011 stockholm furniture fair.

up close
image © designboom

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