>marlies rohmer: fusion


ایران ما یکی از جاهاییه که تو دنیا به معماری با خاک معروفه! یه دوره خشت و گل و بعدها آجر و آجر و آجر!
هنوز آجرکاری های سده های میانی اسلامی در جای جای این سرزمین ، بخش اعظم دیدنی های معماری اون رو تشکیل می ده!
ما امروز چقدر این آجر رو جدی می گیریم!؟ 
با دهن بینی و خودناباوری تمام می گیریم بی محابا این ورق های کامپوزیت و آلومینیوم رو می چسبونیم کنار هم و بعد داد هویت سرمی دیم!!!
ببینین بازی آجر روی نمای این مجتمع اسلامی تو دل اروپا داره چه شخصیتی رو برای بنا ایجاد می کنه!
تازه این جا هلنده!!! 
هلند کجا و ایران کجا….. در برخورد و برخورداری از آجر و خاک..

‘fusion’ by marlies rohmer, amsterdam, the netherlands
images © luuk kramer

netherlands based studio, marlies rohmer has created ‘fusion’, 
a multifunctional cultural center in amsterdam’s transvaal neighborhood. 
inclusive of both turkish and moroccan cultures and activities, the facility – which 
provides prayer spaces and classrooms for each organization – aims to create a 
new iconography, synergy and cultural language by merging the two communities. 

two separate doors provide access to the defined areas but act as subordinates to 
the more communal and assertive main entrance which encourages and enables 
interaction between the two parties. a central stairway extends from the main lobby, 
connecting each level and merging the two cultures together even further. 

front facade
image © luuk kramer

image © marcel van der burg

simple and flexible in its design, the main floor accommodates various program 
requirements that allow the space to be used for multiple functions as required. 
each subsequent floor features a symmetrical plan that divides the turkish and moroccan 
organizations equally. 

views from the street
images © thea van den heuvel

detail of brick wall 

arabic aesthetics and geometric brickwork motifs form a type of hybrid architecture 
whose exterior does not immediately betray what happens within the facility. 
modest clay bricks create a varied facade whose surface transitions between permeable 
walls and sections of solid repeating patterns. inside, turkish and moroccan patterns line 
each respective space, creating traditional environments within the more contemporary shell.

the facade transitions between solid and permeable surfaces
(left) image © luuk kramer

(right) image © marcel van der burg


image © thea van den heuvel

prayer rooms
image © thea van den heuvel

prayer room
image © ad van denderen

view from basketball court
image © luuk kramer

image © thea van den heuvel

site plan 

floor plan / level 0 

floor plan / level 1 

floor plan / level 2 

floor plan / level 3 


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