>Brilliant Spiral Sink and Wash Basin Design


حرکت آب توش خیلی پراحساس انجام می شه و با ناز! و احتمالا تا چند وقتی کنج‌کاوی آدم رو در پیگیری آب تا توی چاه، رها نمی‌کنه!!! 🙂
یه حرکت هنریه نه یه دیزاین نو! 
درسته این فرم ، فرم خاصیه و تناسبات طلایی و سری فیبوناچی و این جور چیزها داره اما دیگه هرجا هم جواب نمی ده که! می‌ده؟


Water follows the coriolis effect and spirals into the drain on its own – this clever sink design just helps it along and accentuates the proecess in a dynamic and elegant way. Shaped like the imprint of the shell, the curves of this sleek sink are at once organic and clearly the product of design.
The splash patterns while the water is flowing and after it is turned off become a part of the design, ever-changing with the speed and duration of the flow. All in all, this sink could itself be the centerpiece of an interior design rather than an afterthought as so many wash basin designs are
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