>paul loebach: watson table


تمام میز تشکیل شده از یه نوار بلند یعنی خیلی بلند و البته یه سطح چوبی!
روش ساختش نباید خیلی ساده بوده باشه.
کار هم خوب دراومده 🙂

‘watson table’ by paul loebach
images courtesy of paul loebach

brooklyn-based designer paul loebach premiers ‘some recent experiments’ at milan design week 2011. 
the collection consists of four new pieces, ‘watson table’, ‘sten chair’, and ‘can table and light’ 
which experiment with new forms and innovative use of material. 

detail of leg meeting top

named after james watson, the american scientist famous for discovering the helical structure of DNA, 
the ‘watson table’ is the result of controlled material experiments. influenced by english furniture of the late 1600’s, 
the object features bold, structural legs that are reminiscent of open wood twistings. 
made from a wood and carbon composite, the table utilizes the inherent rigidity of carbon as a structural core, 
creating a symbolic composition of maximum strength with minimal materials. 

(left) detail of contrasting finishes
(right) leg

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