>House In Kohgo / Yutaka Yoshida


هیچی! همین جوری برای دیدن …..

© Tomihiro Sakashita

Architects: Yutaka Yoshida
Location: Hiroshima, Japan
Project area: 119 sqm
Project year: 2010
Photographs: Tomihiro Sakashita

© Tomihiro Sakashita

This house is built in the residential area lined with the buildings which are a low-rise building to circumference adjacent to the park which is full of green.
2 stories did study, but chose 3 stories to own the garden in the south side among a rich connection of the outside space.
Mainly on the the second floor living that I joined together in direct stairs becoming two levels of colonnades from the entrance, a spiral staircase goes through a top and bottom floor.

© Tomihiro Sakashita

© Tomihiro Sakashita

The terrace which I pushed out and a screen by the aluminum sash wrap a place in the courtyard space of the form that is new in the vacant land that it was possible for on the site full the site that spread so that inside space protrudes. I regard it as the wooden housing which hung the third floor floor with a steel frame to reduce building weight for 3 stories on the soft ground along the river. The wooden floor inserted in a skeleton of the concrete of two levels of colonnades just shows the common joint which is constitution materials as makeup and forms a corridor in the shape of a drainboard.

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