>Lawn Cabins: Grass-Roofed Landscapes for Green Retreats


این هم سیزده به در در داخل اتاق تون! البته اگه مراد روی چمن نشستن یا حتی توی چمن نشستن باشه!!!
راستی ، 
دیتیل اجرایی این کار دیتیل ساده ایه! به راحتی می تونین تو طرحاتون ازش ایده بگیرین! من قبل از ورود به دانشگاه یه چنین اتودی رو اجرا کردم! البته ناموفق بود ولی خب بعد فهمیدم چرا اون اتود ناموفق شد!!! 🙂 

Stand-alone sheds and prefab work spaces rarely look integrated into a landscape; generally, they are an extra piece plopped on top of an open flat area, cleared or already unused on a property. This quaint little construction project takes green additions in a new direction – up.
The Lawn House from Altro Studio is sized to fit strips of grassy sod that wrap up its walls and over its roof, creating a layer of heat-and-light-absorbing insulation, natural ventilation as well as a simple drainage solution for outdoor applications.
Gridded metal helps hold the soil in place, in combination with grip-friendly angles along the relevant edges. Want some more space? Each can be extended in a modular fashion by adding more. How about power? Solar photovalic strips can be lined in between each module.
Two translucent sides give it a sense of openness and let in indirect light, while two opaque dirt-and-grass-covered walls and the overhead angled ceiling provide a feeling of enclosure. PVC pipe makes for a lightweight and easy-to-assemble framework for support.
In short: it is a poor man’s do-it-yourself, green-roofed backyard workspace, storage shed or small man (or woman) cave – not a permanent home addition, but rather more of a landscape extension.
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