>Agricultural Landscapes Seen From Space


کسی که تا حالا با بعضی از این منظره ها چه به طور مستقیم چه از طریق مستندها، مواجه نشده باشه شاید به راحتی باور نکنه که این ها زمین های کشاورزی هستند!
چند پرده ش شبیه دنیای الکترونیک شده…
زمین از بالا خیلی شبیه نقاشیه!
حتما می دونین که چرا بعضی از این زمین های کشاورزی دایره ای شکل هستند دیگه!؟

On daily basis we come across images that are built using various code techniques, whether this be pixelation, glitch, particle fields, swarms, reaction diffusion, looking that these images on Wired Science, it’s amazing to see the similarities between the works we create and the environment we inhabit. Even more apparent when we consider that they bare no correlation to one another and the large gap in scale that exists between them. Likewise, the images below appear strangely “Digital”…

Agriculture is one of the oldest and most pervasive human impacts on the planet. Estimates of the land surface affected worldwide range up to 50 percent. But while driving through the seemingly endless monotony of wheat fields in Kansas may give you some insight into the magnitude of the change to the landscape, it doesn’t compare to the view from above.

more on Wired Science

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