این گرافیک بخشی از یه مجموعه ست که برای یه مسابقه ی محیط زیست کار کردن!
من از این یکی خوشم اومد! 🙂 ببخشین که شما رو با خوشایندهای شخصی خودم مشغول کردم….

‘biodiversity: respect the balance!’ by pedro teixeira

‘biodiversity: respect the balance!’ by pedro teixeira from portugal and ‘thinking green map’ 
by lianwei tay from singapore are two of the shortlisted entries from more than 4000 participants 
in the ‘iida awards 2010‘ competition, organized by designboom in collaboraton with incheon metropolitan city. 

composed of a visual mosaic of fish, mammals, and plants, ‘biodiversity: respect the balance!’ aims
to illustrate and promote the importance of balance in our global ecosystem. 

designer’s own words:
‘the starting point for the conception of this project was biodiversity and its importance to the well-being
and balance of the planet. I intended to create a clear and appealing design that could illustrate and
promote this concept in any part of the world. accordingly, I developed a design that reveals a world
of biodiversity in which this is the fundamental matter of its existence and which, therefore, should be preserved,
keeping its balance. from a visual perspective, this poster can be seen in two ways: on one hand, globally,
in which we perceive the globe in its geography; on the other hand, from a perspective of detail in which
we understand that it is constituted and constructed by a whole of great biodiversity.’


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