>Thin When Empty


یه ایده‌ی جالب برای یه باطری که وقتی مصرف می شه، لاغر می شه..! شاید هم عملی باشه یعنی دور از ذهن نیست.
راستی دیدین چقدر زیاد حول و حوش باطری طراحی انجام می شه!؟ عجیب نیست؟

It’s just an idea that can get better if refined; I’m talking about the Hungry Batteries. They’re not any power-chomping monsters, but rechargeable batteries that get slimmer and slimmer as they run out of juice. Essentially providing you a visual aid to indicate recharging time! The highlight being, easy removal from the cramped confines of a battery-house. No news on what kind of materials to be used for the casing, but I guess some kinda foam / sponge will do.

Designer: Mac Funamizu
Hungry Batteries – Rechargeable Batteries by Mac Funamizu


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