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یکی از وجوهی که بخشی از هنر دنیای امروز به صورت خیلی حساب‌شده و البته غیرصریح دنبال می کنن وجهیه که من هم مجبورم خیلی سربسته بهش اشاره کنم!
قدیم فکر می کردم من این مساله رو فهمیدم!!! 🙂 اما بعد که مطالعه کردم دیدم این حرف رو دیگران هم گفتند! 
بخشی از هنرهای دنیای امروز، از گرافیک و نقاشی گرفته تا مجسمه و معماری، هنرهای جنسی هستند! شهوانی!
تفاوت نگاه در این هنرها با هنرهای مشابه‌شون در جهان سنت، اینه که این‌ها بر خلاف هنرهای سنتی شهوانی به موضوعات پورنو نمی پردازن بلکه، فضای روحی و حسی مخاطب رو تحریک شهوانی می کنن! این مساله ممکنه برای هرکسی خیلی واضح نباشه اما اون قدر هست که تا امروز تحت عنوان های مختلف از افراد مختلفی طرح شده!!! 
از سردمداران این جریان شاید بشه ذاها حدید عراقی رو نام برد و البته فرانک گهری……
این پست رو به احترام دوستی گذاشتم که البته بهتر می بود اون رو به میل خود بلاگ می فرستادن!!!
چون ایشون نظری ننوشته بودن، نظر خودم رو نوشتم! اگه مطابق نظرشون نبود، تقصیر خودشونه که نظر ننوشتن! 🙂

A couple of months back, we featured the work of some progressive Australian architects under the framework of Frank Gehry’s first project on the island continent. Now we’re taking a look at the aesthetic hallmarks so evident in the work of Gehry Partners, specifically the firm’s expansive design adventures beyond the world of architecture.

Under the spotlight this week is a piece of furniture designed in 2008 for the Design Tide exhibition in Tokyo, Japan. The “Tokyo Bench” as it came to be known was designed for the World Co. Aoyama Building by Craig Webb and Claire Imatani of Gehry Partners and manufactured by Tomas Osinski Design Inc. Constructed out of maple wood strips bent around a circular frame, the project snakes around the entry providing visitors an range of seating possibilities.

After the break, more benches designed in a similar vein. Does all this manipulated wood mimic or inform the Gehry Partners Tokyo Bench?

One of the closest counterparts to Gehry’s bench would be the extensive bend woodwork of Matthias Pliessnig. The designer uses steam to warp white oak in both the Amada Bench (above) and the recently completed Spill projects (below), allowing him to develop seating with a variety of dynamic curvatures. Through the design both projects explore the space in which it is housed and the manner in which people lounge.

Matthias Pliessnig, Spill
Bae Sehwa also uses steamed wood to create versatile seating constructs. Both his Steam 11 and Steam 12 projects showcase a break from the norm in regard to chair design:

Bae Sehwa, Steam 12 chair

Bae Sehwa, Steam 11 chair
Urban Adaptor, a project by Rocker-Lange Architects, is a prototype design piece for new outdoor furniture in Hong Kong. Designed for the 2009 HK-SHZ Biennale, the formal language of the design is based off the various public furniture pieces that dot Hong Kong’s cityscape. The bench combines multiple functional objects from around the city and merges them into one design.

Urban Adaptor by Rocker-Lange Architects

Designer Yuya Ushida has created an expanding chair out of chopsticks cleverly titled SOFA_XXXX. The titles four X’s could either reference the shape of its complex weaving structure or the four lengths of chopsticks used to develop the pattern.

In 2005, Office dA designed a waterfall-like double bench system titled at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The wood slats reference a common design theme in Office dA’s oevre: lasercut plywood panels in an undulating pattern, as seen in the office design for BANQ.

Last but not least is Pablo Reinoso‘s spaghetti bench, which combines the utilitarian function of a traditional bench with whimsical bent wood artwork:

And one more look at the Gehry Partners bench that started it all:

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