>crowd sourced photographic monuments by corinne vionnet


خیلی رویایی درآورده این کارها رو……
یه جور نقاشی از طریق عکس و البته کامپیوتر طبیعتا!
این پست رو به خاطر صادق می ذارم تو بلاگ.

‘monument valley’ 2009
all images courtesy of the empty quarter gallery

swiss/france based artist corinne vionnet has sent us images of her most 
recent collection of portraiture. through online crowd sourcing of photogenic landmarks 
from around the world, vionnet has compiled several meta-portraits of around 100 images into one. 
exposing the consistency of how these landmarks are composed photographically but also visually 
capturing the ephemeral feelings of tourists into seemingly surreal landscapes. 

the project serves as a study of not only the technical means available to source this material 
but also provides a means to analyze why so much of the same material exists. perhaps there 
are unspoken rules about how we collectively photograph and remember the time spent in 
foreign environments or simply that so many people want ownership of the same monument 
that we decide on similar visual experiences. whichever the case, vionnet’s work provides an 
inspiring view of human creation and the documentation of it over time. 

‘kinderdijk’ 2007

‘mont saint-michel’ 2009

‘london’ 2006

‘venezia’ 2007

‘san francisco’ 2006

left: ‘matterhorn’ 2006
right: ‘paris’ 2006

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