>Bubbles of Luxury: Inflatable Spheres for Modular Camping


می دونین از این طور واحدهای پرتابل اقامتی زیاد طراحی می شه! تو این بلاگ هم حتما در آینده چند طرح دیگه رو خواهیم گذاشت. اما این واحد ، با وجود لوکس بودن و گرون بودن‌ش، کار جالبی شده.
البته با فرهنگ ایرانی و اعتقادات اسلامی ما نمی خوره خب…… 🙂

When you head into the wild, privacy may be of little concern as you progress further from the beaten path – views to and connections with nature may, instead, become a higher priority. Hence, the spherical BubbleTree tent with 360-degree lines of sight.
The basic design comes complete with portable wardrobes, sofas, roll-out beds and even optional electricity for lighting. Translucent and half-transparent designs are also available, depending on one’s desired degree of environmental exhibitionism.
For those who still see this as ‘roughing it’ there is a leveled-up luxury version titled the BubbleLodge that works much like a hotel, featuring opaque sides and attachable bathroom and secondary bedroom spaces.
Additional variants include beach-friendly bubbles that put you right up next to the water, and tree-suspended versions that wrap around trunks and hover over the ground.
Created from UV-reflecting recyclable materials, these structures can be set up in a matter of minutes and remain inflated via continuously-running silent pumps that automatically keep up a constant internal pressure.
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