>studio jens praet: shredded collection


باریکلا! گرفته از خرده کاغذ چه چیزای خوبی درست کرده!!!
می دونین ؟ می تونه خیلی هم متنوع باشه ها!!!

‘shredded collection’ by studio jens praet
images courtesy of studio jens praet / kaitey whitehead 
belgium-born, florence based designer studio jens praet has expanded upon
‘the shredded collection’, a series of furniture pieces constructed from
shredded paper and magazines mixed with resin.
the collection, which originate from a concern about the amount of paper
being wasted globally, re-purposes materials created for mass consumption
– like magazines – into limited edition works.
each piece, unique in color and appearance is composed of shredded magazines
and classified documents that have been rendered unreadable. once being mixed
with pigmented resin, the objects are moulded, hardened and finished by hand.
nine new pieces from ‘the shredded collection’ will be on show at
industry gallery, in washington DC until february 26, 2011.
the ‘shredded collection side table’ is made from 6kg of shredded ‘details’ magazine 
the ‘shredded collection table’ is made from 12kg of shredded ‘fast company’ magazines 
the ‘shredded collection console’ is made from 5kg of shredded ‘art in america’ magazines 
detail of console 
the ‘shredded collection shelf’ is made from 4kg of shredded ‘ROBB report’ magazines 
(left) detail of shelf
(right) detail of bench
the ‘shredded collection bench’ is made from 3kg of shredded capitol file and white paper
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