>facet studio: tea room


از اون کارهاست ها…..!!!

‘tearoom’ by facet studio, osaka, japan 
images courtesy of facet studio / tomohiro sakashita

olivia shih and yoshihito kashiwagi of facet studio have designed ‘tea room’, a free 
standing structure located in the courtyard of a family home in osaka, japan.

set among a platform of interlocking stones, the volume hovers above a hole, where 
the roots of an old tree bearing the family’s name lie beneath.  pine beams span the 
void, providing structural support and setting the foundation for use and application 
of material. 

‘tearoom’ by facet studio, osaka, japan 

overall courtyard view 

stacked wooden beams wrap the structure on two and a half sides, sheltering the 
dwelling and the activities within from neighboring units. i-beams extend up from 
the ground to frame a sheet of glass on the front facade and then the roof, where 
the structure is most exposed to sunlight. 

(left) looking into the structure from above
(right) looking out into the courtyard 

a concealed door leads the family inside where the space is treated minimally. 
the pine beams are left exposed, creating an warm and inviting place that strongly offsets 
the concrete family home opposite it. 

(left) structural detail
(right) detail of the framing 

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