>mcchesney architects: out of the strong came forth sweetness


دنبال چی هستن این‌ها!!!!؟
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‘out of the strong came forth sweetness’ by mcchesney architects

‘out of the strong came forth sweetness’ is a functional sculptural installation 
designed by ian mcchesney with his uk-based studio mcchesney architects 
for the atrium of derwent london’s angel building.

the piece is at once public artwork and public seating: a sofa whose back stretches 22 meters high 
as it narrows to a width of 25mm. composed of carbon fiber, the form itself was modeled after the shape of treacle 
as it drips from a teaspoon, with the piece’s base and seating area becoming the ‘spoon’. the organic fluidity
of the form was chosen to contrast with the gridded, rational nature of the atrium; mcchesney notes: 
it was important that the shape was generated through a real process rather than mere invention. 

left: installation view of the work
right: detail of the spar

detail view of seating

designing the dimensions of the work to be structurally feasible involved collaborative analysis 
with first engineers atelier one, and then gurit. ‘out of the strong came forth sweetness’ was built by AM structures 
on a fabricator machine initially designed for boat-building.

the leather upholstery is the work of british designer bill amberg.

the piece’s form was based on the shape of treacle falling from a spoon

left: aerial view of ‘out of the strong came forth sweetness’
right: fuller view of the piece in use

the work’s title, a reference from the biblical book of judges, appears on the tin container of lyles treacle, 
even as it speaks to the nature of the form and material of the piece.

concept/design sketch

elevation plans

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