>An Illustrated Evolution Of Media Content (Infographic)


این کار رو ویژه‌ی علی گذاشتم! دوستی که سبک کار خودش هم از همین جنسه! خیلی روون و خیلی پر احساس البته…..
تاریخ رسانه ست! مدیا!!! مثلا از زمان بشر غارنشین تا این عصر ارتباطات تا همین سال‌های اخیر…..

Recently, I have found an infographic “Content – an illustrated history” created by Sheldrake & Karoshikula who creatively illustrated the history of media content from cave paintings to this digital era.
“Who would have thought thirty years ago that the Internet would go mainstream and the World Wide Web would transform content business models (and many other business models come to that) so radically?  I am fascinated with the history of media and content, its present and its future, and being a communicator I wanted to share my awe in a way that would prompt others to share it with their friends and family. So I joined forces with Nic Hinton, an outstanding illustrator, to design “Content – an illustrated history”.Sheldrak Said on his blog.
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