>jaeuk jung: amber bottle


خیلی جالب…..
این بطری‌ها که می‌شن آشغال توی شهر، تبدیل می‌شن به یه گلدون زیبا!!!
مثل فسیل حشرات تو صمغ درخت‌های میلیون‌ها سال پیش

‘amber bottle’ by jaeuk jung
image © designboom

korean designer jaeuk jung presents his ‘amber bottle’ at the 2011 stockholm furniture fair  
inside the event’s ‘greenhouse’ venue where young independent designers, design groups 
and universities exhibit their work.

image © designboom

‘amber bottle’ is a continuation of jung’s previous project ‘amber chair‘ in which he explores 
the layers of time through the essence of amber. taking the iconic packaging of the 
coca-cola bottle designed by alexander samuelson, jung forever seals its form with the help 
of high technology, through amber-like chambers of polymer. an object from the past is 
granted a longer life, sharing its classic beauty as a piece of contemporary design. 
‘amber bottle’ is an indication about the present and future, through telling a story of respect 
and creating a new cycle for objects.

up close
image © designboom

top view
image © designboom

installation view of ‘amber bottles’ at the 2011 stockholm furniture fair
image © designboom

‘amber bottles’
image courtesy of jaeuk jung

image courtesy of jaeuk jung

jaeuk jung 
image © designboom

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