>itunube: fresh flowers


کار جالبی کرده!
یه جور دهن کجیه شاید!!!! :)))

‘fresh flowers’ by sandra bautista

‘fresh flowers’ began when designer sandra bautista of itunube was thinking about the collection of flowers
finding a method of cataloguing them, as well as providing an alternative means of sending them
by post. as a result is a catalogue of blooming florals, printed on newsprint paper, providing a light,
easy to handle product which like ‘real flowers’, also gets old and needs to be replaced.
all flowers in the book were selected and carefully photographed for this product, so that each one is original.

leaf through the catalogue to select the flowers you would like to display and fold it in order to make it the front cover

1. choose a flower from the catalogue
2. fold it over so that it becomes the ‘cover’ of the book
3. roll all the pages together in a conical manner so that the flower is displayed vertically
4. place it in a vase or cup
5. don’t put water in it!
6. voilà, you have an ‘easy to transport’ set of flowers.

this collection is a means of having fresh flowers on your table everyday,
and provides an alternative way of sending flowers by post to the people you love and want to surprise.

you can change the flowers everyday…

enjoying a new one each day.

‘fresh flowers’ contains 32 types of flowers in total

here is a look at the various pages of ‘fresh flowers’:

‘fresh flowers’ packaging

designboom has received these images from our new ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their
own work for publication.
we have already acquired many submissions, so keep on the lookout for more of your projects to be
published in the coming days!

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