>az & mut: eco urban gardening with cavelier, teddy and pli pots


چه جالب!

‘pot cavelier’
image © morgane le gall

paris-based az & mut (rafaël david and géraldine hetzel) presented a collection of 
urban gardening solutions at maison et objet 2011. hand-made in france,
the products are made from a composite of 70% flax fibres.

view of the ‘pot caveliers’ from the profile, indicating how they can be hung over one’s balcony
image © morgane le gall

‘pot cavelier’ is designed to be slung over your balcony railing, holding itself in place 
without any other hardware. drawing its form from that of a horse’s hoof, 
the pots are light, frost-resistant containers.

‘pot caveliers’ in use
image © morgane le gall

‘pots pli’
image © morgane le gall

‘pots pli’ are also made from a 70% flax fiber that display a plaid.
during the day the light filters through the walls of the containers displaying the woven pattern 
of the organic material. they are available in two sizes: small Ø 28 H 26 and big Ø 43 H 40,
and can easily be used for use either indoors or outdoors.

inside view of the containers
image © morgane le gall

display of ‘pots pli’ and ‘pots teddy’ at maison et objet
image © designboom

‘pots teddy’
image © morgane le gall

made from a softer natural material, hence the name ‘pots teddy’, these vessels have been designed 
for outdoor use only. available in two sizes – the same as ‘pots pli’ – they come in two colors, natural or light. 

images © designboom


‘danseuse’ is a lamp shade that acts like a costume for light. balancing on its two cut edges, 
the object can be used either lying down, hung onto a wall, or suspended alone or in tandem 
with other danseuse lights. when lit, the luminosity filters through the veil of bleached flax 
(70% flax fibres, 30% ecological resin). it is a durable lighting solution, which presents a very 
delicate glow in its surrounding space.

the lamp balances on its two cut edges
image © morgane le gall

image © morgane le gall

az & mut designers rafaël david and géraldine hetzel
portrait © designboom

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