>Stools of Smoothness


چه باحال :)))

All the way from Maastricht comes this collection of seats named FW2010, a set designed by Valentin Löllmann. This set is diverse in size and set-up, made in a working process characterized by using mortise-and-tendon joints to hazel branches to an oak top. Lovely wood for lovely sitting places! A mix of sawdust and blue is used to round off the connections between the pieces, resulting is an organic shape where no sharp edges remain.
Each of the pieces is burned and treated with wax, after which the top is sanded, polished, and treated with oil. Each of the hazel branches, chosen for their strength and straightness, introduces a “natural dynamic” into the structure’s final shape, each of them distinct in their aesthetic, each of them hand made and numbered.
Designer: Valentin Löllmann

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