>hövding airbag helmet for bicyclists


کاری ندارم که ممکنه یه ذره غیر معمول به نظر بیاد، اما به عنوان یه کاربر فعال و جاری دوچرخه! خداییش خیلی به کار میاد! 
اگه همین الان تولید انبوه می شد بنده و مثل بنده مشتری ش بودن لاجرم!

the ‘hövding’ airbag system is contained in a collar, designed to double as a fashion accessory

hövding‘, produced by swedish design company hövding sverige ab, is an airbag system for bicyclists,
designed as a fashionable but practical alternative to helmets. a hood-shaped, nylon airbag
is encased within a neck collar and is automatically inflated in the event of a crash by a sensor system.
washable fabric shells that fit over the collar create a range of looks for the device,
designed to seamlessly incorporate into one’s daily outfits.

the collar is designed with interchangeable fabric shells to double as a fashion accessory

the zip-up collar incorporates an on/off switch (on when the collar is zipped and buttoned;
off when the snap is unbuttoned), an LED battery display meter, and a micro USB port
for charging the battery and uploading accident information following a crash.

currently available in two styles, the device’s washable fabric shells protect the internal collar,
and are planned to be produced in a range of colours and patterns.

front and side views of ‘hövding’

back view

the company spent hundreds of hours documenting and analyzing both normal bicycling and crash footage,
reenacting accidents, and working with hospitals and research groups to engineer the sensor system of ‘hövding’
to reliably trigger airbag deployment only in the actual event of accidents.

the collar modeled with the ‘raven obscure’ shell

detailed views of the collar with patterned fabric shell ‘creators cut’

left: detail of the on/off zipper
right: detail of the USB port for battery charging

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