>kibisi: hang around + toss around for muuto


چه جالب …
حتما خیلی از این رنج می کشیده که وقت سرخ کردن قاشق مدام سر می خوره داخل روغن! که این قدر فسفر سوزونده…. 🙂

‘hang around + toss around’ by kibisi for muuto

images courtesy of kibisi / muuto 

kibisi along with muuto have designed ‘hang around and toss around’, 

a collection of kitchen utensils that combine form, function and craftsmanship. 

the series will be previewed for the first time at maison et objet 2011

the collection of simple wooden tools are precisely designed and crafted 

for improved functionality in the kitchen. 

jens martin skibsted, partner of copenhagen based kibisi says: 

‘we were originally inspired by bhutanese crafts. their wooden everyday

tools seem to have layers of stories and thoughts. we concocted that with our
scandinavian design heritage and our idea-lead, no fluff design philosophy –
and this little invention was bread.’

‘hang around’ clings to the side of pots and pans 

the sculpted and continuous form of ‘hang around’ is interrupted by a
slim extrusion cut from the backside that allows the utensil to cling to the
side of a pot or pan. this minimal alteration to the everyday object provides
the chef with a cleaner workspace and a more effective use of time.

detail of ‘hang around’

‘toss around’ salad servers 
guided by the same principals of craftsmanship and process that has been
used for centuries, ‘toss around’, a set of salad servers, also considers the
contemporary aesthetic as well as functional ergonomics.

detail of ‘toss around’
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