>To-Do Reminders on the Table


خیلی ساده و خوب ، هم خودش هم بسته بندی ش!
برا فراموش کارایی مثل من یه چنین چیزایی خیلی حیاتیه! اگر چه الان دیگه کامپیوتری و اینترنتی ش جای اینا رو گرفته خب!

You have a computer, a smartphone, maybe even an iPad yet you still resort to post-its because you know short term memory is a total FAIL. The Post-It Schedule aims to put some order into those random reminders by day and ONLY mon-fri because everyone knows the weekends are full of activities no one should schedule or remember.
Designers: Kang Chang Youn & Lee Seul Gi [ Buy it Here ]

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