>Mercedes-Benz Embraces Sculptural Experimentation


خیلی مهمه ! که چقدر برای رسیدن به اون چیزی که مورد نظرشونه، وقت می ذارن و تلاش می‌کنن این غربی ها!

The designers at the big MB are pushing the limits of automotive design by embracing sculptural experimentation. It permeates every aspect of their design process, from collaborative sketches to workgroups. The resulting sculpture titled Aesthetics No. 2 is stunning – deceptively complex and being ingeniously organic. I can only image which future Mercedes-Benz interiors will benefit from this awesome workflow.
Mercedes-Benz Aesthetics No. 2 sculpture is this idea made visible. It consciously defies the shackles of the limited context of ergonomics, technical feasibility, formal constraints and, not least, the exterior of the vehicle, in order to impress the observer with its pure sensory-aesthetic appeal. In addition, the sculpture offers a preview of the clear-cut yet emotionally-appealing sculptural form language in the Mercedes-Benz interior design of the future. At the same time it is able to transport the high aesthetic, functional and sensuous aspirations characteristic of a Mercedes-Benz interior, bridging the gap between art and the aesthetics of Mercedes-Benz interior design. It compels the observer to pause for a moment, and challenges, interprets anew that which is already familiar in the vehicle interior, touching both the senses and rational reflection in doing so.
Designer: Mercedes-Benz

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